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My client commitment

Pilates Class

Understanding how the body moves and functions is fundamental to my client instruction.  It helps me understand client limitations and informs how I guide clients to move.  Movement impacts much more than how we appear on the outside!

To this end I have pursued a post graduate qualification in anatomical sciences and observed approximately 50 hours of live streamed human dissections to help clients get the maximum out of their sessions with me.

If you are a client with a pre-existing condition, I will require confirmation from your health care practitioner that you are ready to start an exercise programme.  I work collaboratively with healthcare providers to ensure that you transition from rehabilitation to a safe, progressive exercise programme when ready.

Working with health practitioners

Being active and relatively fearless in my youth I picked up a few injuries along the way, resulting in knee and lower back operations.  These experiences have given me some understanding of the significant impact lack of mobility may have on our mental as well as physical wellbeing.  I am here to help you to achieve your physical goals.  I provide a space for you to be with like minded people, to grow friendships, to enjoy BEING and movement for movement's sake.

Mental health

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