Group bookings

Small group matwork classes

Prefer working out in a group?

- Available at the Studio

- in the field on the pilates platform   weather permitting!


Tuesdays          9:45am

Thursdays         6:30pm

Fridays           10:20am

Small group reformer tower classes

 - At the studio

 Equipment allows you to really   feel the movement and connect the body, you may get better results over a shorter period.  There's a lot of joy in these small group classes!

Group Reformer Workout

Mondays          8:45am

Mondays          6:15pm

Tuesdays           7:30am

Tuesdays           9:45am

Wednesdays     8:15am

Wednesdays     7:15pm

Thursdays          8:45am

Fridays              9:00am

Limited spaces available!

To book please contact the studio on 01424 870919/ 07761 328900