About Pilates

Pilates concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on the core. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being.

Pilates develops better posture, balance and flexibility. Pilates also focuses on the mind-body connection. While doing the various exercises your mind needs to be constantly aware of your breathing and the way your body moves.

Because Pilates can be modified to provide either a gentle strength training program or a challenging workout, most people are able to participate. It is suitable both for beginners and for people who already exercise regularly.


The health benefits of Pilates include:

Good posture - Pilates will teach you to gain and maintain good posture. The exercises require that your body is always in alignment. This is especially beneficial if you suffer from lower back pain.

Muscle Tone - The exercises involve the use of muscles that you may not use on a daily basis. You will find that your muscles will become more toned. This is especially helpful for older people and those who are normally quite sedentary in their daily life as muscle tone is usually lost with age and inactivity.

Flexibility - As we age we tend to lose the flexibility we had when we were young. Pilates will restore your flexibility, gently at first. After a while though, you will be amazed at how much more flexible your body has become. This is especially important for avoiding injuries from falls.

Improves your balance - Through the mind-body connection which is taught in Pilates you will become much more aware of how your body moves and performs. Pilates not only improves your physical balance through correct posture but also restores your mind-body balance.

Reduces stress - When doing the exercises, you will be totally involved and less likely to be thinking about all those responsibilities that weigh you down on a day to day basis. You will be more focused on your breathing and on the moves that you are making with your body. This is an excellent way to relieve stress.

Gives you a general sense of well-being - Because Pilates focuses on providing balance between your mind and body it gives you an overall sense of well-being.

Pilates is a great form of physical therapy. Research has found that Pilates can be an effective treatment for injuries and illnesses such as: chronic neck and back pain; hip or knee replacements; Multiple Sclerosis; Fibromyalgia and Scoliosis.


Pilates is also excellent for athletes, dancers and other sports professionals who have had some kind of injury and need rehabilitation to get back to top form. Because Pilates is a low-impact exercise, it can be tailored to work on certain areas of your body as long as you have a trained and qualified instructor.

About Harts Green Pilates

Empower your body. Empower your mind.

I have practised Pilates for over 10 years, qualifying as an instructor in early 2017.  I am also a Level 3 personal trainer, hold a diploma in nutrition, am trained as a TRX functional fitness and TRX suspension trainer as well as a Level 3 sports massage therapist.  I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).


Interested in sports and fitness from a young age, I gave up my career in the City to focus on my passion.  My role now is to share my expertise  with my clients.  I aim to help clients realise a stronger and more flexible body to allow them to live life to the full.


I devote a lot of time to increasing my knowledge and understanding of the human body.  I follow evidence based developments in movement training and incorporate these where possible into the Pilates practice of my clients.  Exercise instruction with me is "Pilates inspired".  Joseph Pilates drew from a number of different disciplines to develop the Pilates Method.  I draw on my experience as a personal trainer, sports massage therapist, and from experts in other movement methods - including Feldenkrais, Eric Franklin and The Melt Method. 


I am currently undertaking further Pilates comprehensive equipment training (Reformer, Cadillac, Tower & Chair), with Alan Herdman, one of the foremost experts in Pilates, in London.


I have suffered injuries through participating in various sports over the years, and have had operations on my knees and lower back.  Through these experiences I have gained a particular interest in helping people return to fitness and mobility following injury.  I ensure that lessons are tailored to suit each individual’s needs. 


I am committed to working with my clients to achieve personal health and fitness goals - whether returning to fitness post injury; increasing muscle tone or achieving a greater success in a particular sport.   


I have links with local health practitioners including osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports massage therapists.  If you are a client with a pre-existing condition, I will require confirmation from your health practitioner that you are ready to start an exercise programme, as well as written agreement from you.  I can work collaboratively with these practitioners to ensure that I understand your exercise needs and create a safe, progressive exercise programme.  I revert back to your health practitioner if in any doubt.

About our Studio

Harts Green Pilates studio is located in a quiet rural location off the A21 between Sedlescombe and Westfield. Our location is less than 15 mins from Battle and Hastings. There is a large driveway with ample car parking.


The studio is on the ground floor of a converted Victorian barn. It is bright and airy with a double height ceiling and three sets of French doors, allowing you to stay cool with natural ventilation, whilst practising Pilates during the warmer months. The studio has underfloor heating and a wood burner to continue your practise of Pilates in comfort during the Winter months.


Our clients come from nearby towns and villages such as Brightling, Dallington, Robertsbridge, Etchingham, Penhurst, Ninfield, Netherfield, Mountfield, Hawkhurst, Sandhurst & Rye; as well as Battle and Hastings.


What Clients are Saying

I’m noticing that even in the short time… I am stronger… and last night I did not wake up aching…


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